Where To Find Walleye

Once I learned Frank all about what Walleye are, then I had to show him where to find walleye.

He don’t believe me at first, but now Frank knows them fish don’t like warm water or hot weather. Walleye like it cold and muddy, especially if other fish can’t see them.

Because of those eyes of theirs, walleye can see in all kinds of dark, terrible conditions and boy do they take advantage!

Walleye don’t care if the water is all cloudy and nothing else can see. That’s how they like it, so they can sneak up on their prey. They run in deep water, especially if the upper levels of water ain’t cool enough for ‘em.

They go for the food, more than anything else.

If there’s stuff they can eat up, the walleye are there. They look for fish they can eat, and they follow ‘em and yer sure to have a good day of walleye fishin’!

Now, if there’s already a bunch of stuff for them to eat, they may not care about your walleye bait or tackle – even if you know where to find walleye.

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