Walleye Catch and Release

Frank still has so much to learn about walleye fishin’. The first time I threw one back, I thought he was gonna jump in the water and try to grab it with his bare hands!

He had never heard about walleye catch and release, so I had to explain it.

Sometimes, if the fish is a really big one, the regulations say you gotta take a picture and let it go – but most of the time, we know where the walleye are, and so we catch so darn many of  ‘em that we just can’t keep ‘em all!

I told Frank to take special care of the trophy walleye ’cause it helps keep the walleye population goin’. And as much as I love fishin’ ‘em, I sure wanna keep them walleye youngins comin’.

The bigger female walleyes produce a ton of eggs, so it’s important to let the larger fish go if you happen to catch ‘em.

The little ones we could keep and add to the growing pile in the bucket. Once he got the hang of it I didn’t have to worry about any fines after our fishin’ trip.

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