Casting For Walleye From Shore

Part of reeducatin’, and sometimes just plain educatin’, Frank on the fine art of walleye fishin’ includes the topic of casting for walleye from shore.

He is frighteningly underprepared for this activity, but I aim to fix all that. Besides, this way I ain’t gotta pay for gas for the boat. Frank’s first mistake is that he tosses his lure out there and then wiggles it around. I told him, you’ve got to let it do its thing slowly.

Them rapid movements clue the walleye in that there’s a predator on the other end of that lure. They ain’t stupid, these fish, and you gotta treat ‘em as if they know what’s up.

If you know where to find walleye, then the key is to cast your line into areas where the walleyes gather, near underwater rocks and stuff so they can hide. Then use your walleye lure to draw ‘em out with slow and steady movements.

Before you know it, you’ve caught a mess of walleye in the spring and fall, just by casting from shore.

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