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Spring Walleye Fishing

Frank will be back in town on one of his business trips and wants to try his hand at some spring walleye fishing.

I’ve done told him it ain’t gonna be what he’s expecting, but as usual, I’m gonna hafta show him.

See, I’ve explained that spring is when the walleyes are spawning so they’re awfully protective of them eggs. Fishing regulations say we hafta plan our fishing trip for opening weekend for walleye fishing, because it’s just after the spawn.

Spring fishing for walleye is great because they’ll strike at just about anything you toss in the water, but if we ain’t careful we can spook ‘em real easy. They don’t spawn for long, and, because of the cooler waters, the walleye are looking for bait fish in the shallow water. Unlike other times of the year, we’re gonna hafta stay in the shallows, too.

Our best bet is to hang out close to shore and just play a bit to find the best walleye lures to see what they bite and what they leave alone. Once we find a school of walleye and we know what color of lure they are biting on, then the fun begins!

Frank and me have a spring walleye fishing side bet, too, so I can’t wait to leave him in my dust!