Trolling for Walleye

Frank decided on this last trip that he wants to go trolling for walleye in a boat next time.

Boy howdy, is he in for a treat or what? He heard about it while we were gettin’ some bait up at the Bait N Tackle, and he got all excited about it. Some of the boys have caught some huge walleyes by trolling.

Frank asked what line is too big for walleye trolling? Merv told him he needs to get him some longer rods and some thinner line, because them walleyes, they can see stuff normal fish just can’t.

Then Frank asks – where are we going to troll for them, and we reminded him about how we know where to find walleye, and how we already have our shore lunch spot planned out!

We’ll also need some of that stretchy fishing line, or that new fireline, so the fish don’t break it. He’s not used to this, but we’ll hafta let out a lot of line behind the boat and if we don’t run with the wind then we’ll get blown all over that lake.

I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ Frank’s face the first time one of those big walleyes takes a hit at his line.

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