6 Overlooked Ways to Catch Walleye

Seems most people only fish one way for walleye, an that’s a darn shame ’cause one way of catchin’ walleye just don’t work all the time!!

I got *six* overlooked ways to catch walleye – and that’s why I catch more walleye. Plain an simple.

Fishing Walleye with Spoons

Walleye fish are easily attracted to vivid objects, and spoons are the perfect fit to take advantage of that. You could try the red and white Lucky Strike Canoe or a white Williams Wabler.

These spoons tend to not only attract attention but are also great at spinning and turning when underwater; nothing can rival the wobble action provided by a spoon.

Making Good Use of Banana Baits

Also, banana baits are excellent for the walleye, such as the bright white and yellow Lazy Ike or the light blue, sparkling Canadian Wiggler. They are perfect attention-catchers and there are only spoons which can wobble wider than banana baits.

Spinner Rigs – The Walleye’s Sworn Enemy

Spinner Bait Walleye Lure

Among all the different ways to catch walleye out there, this one may very well be the most effective as spinner rigs are the perfect thing to catch a walleye’s attention, with its flash, color and thump produced by churning blades.

You can even add some bait in there such as real or plastic worms and you will be knee-deep in walleye in no time. If you are out trolling for walleye in the summer, put out a Little John Spinner with a large size minnow – put out lots of line and troll at a moderate speed – then get your camera ready!

Staying Traditional with the Drop Shot Rig

Drop Shot Walleye Fishing Rig

If you don’t want to stray too far from the original methods used in order to catch walleye, then you should definitely use a drop shot rig, a simple setup in which the hook is tied somewhere up the line while the sinker is at the end.

Invest in some drop shot sinkers and drastically improve your chances. In addition, if you can’t use live bait like minnows or leeches, you should definitely look into using frozen minnows or some kind of soft and plastic bait along with the drop shot rig worms are fine as well.

Using the Canadian Pickerel Rig

This is possibly one of the oldest river fishing bait mechanisms created in order to help anglers use actual live bait even while being at the bottom. It is easily made by taking the line and creating two swivels from it to which steel shafts are attached.

At the end of your line is a snap and it is there so you can attach bell sinkers to it. It also contains some metal arms to keep the main leader away from the others. Very effective for catching walleye due to them swimming relatively deep and sometimes in a current. You can use frozen minnows or any kind of bait really.

Crankbaits – The Dark Horse

Crankbait For Walleye

This may very well be the most overlooked way for catching walleye. Why? Well, there isn’t a single type of bait or lure out there can cover as much water in so little time. All you need to do is simply throw them, and crank them back to your boat. While it may sound silly, the presentation is realistic enough to get the walleye thinking he is in for a treat!

there you have it!

My ‘Six Overlooked Ways to Catch Walleye’