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Walleye Fishing

6 Overlooked Ways to Catch Walleye

Seems most people only fish one way for walleye, an that’s a darn shame ’cause one way of catchin’ walleye just don’t work all the time!! I got *six* overlooked ways to catch walleye – and that’s why I catch more walleye. Plain an simple. Fishing Walleye with Spoons Walleye fish are easily attracted to vivid objects, and spoons are…read more →

Walleye Fishing Tips

Learning About The Best Walleye Fishing Tips Since when I was a kid, me and my fishing buddies have been walleye fishing maniacs! Since those days, we have tried every new rigging method, color, all the top lures and every walleye fishing tip and technique developed just to catch this fish. Even though, for many people, having all of these…read more →

What is the best Walleye habitat?

Although found throughout Canada in a variety of environments, the best walleye habitat are large, shallow lakes with cloudy waters, and large rivers or streams that provide sufficient protection from harsh light. Walleye seek out shelter in shoals, logs, weed beds or snow and ice to shield them from the sun. The Best Walleye Habitat Walleye habitat is generally water…read more →

Spring Walleye Fishing

Frank will be back in town on one of his business trips and wants to try his hand at some spring walleye fishing. I’ve done told him it ain’t gonna be what he’s expecting, but as usual, I’m gonna hafta show him. See, I’ve explained that spring is when the walleyes are spawning so they’re awfully protective of them eggs….read more →

Walleye Catch and Release

Frank still has so much to learn about walleye fishin’. The first time I threw one back, I thought he was gonna jump in the water and try to grab it with his bare hands! He had never heard about walleye catch and release, so I had to explain it. Sometimes, if the fish is a really big one, the…read more →

Casting For Walleye From Shore

Part of reeducatin’, and sometimes just plain educatin’, Frank on the fine art of walleye fishin’ includes the topic of casting for walleye from shore. He is frighteningly underprepared for this activity, but I aim to fix all that. Besides, this way I ain’t gotta pay for gas for the boat. Frank’s first mistake is that he tosses his lure…read more →

Trolling for Walleye

Frank decided on this last trip that he wants to go trolling for walleye in a boat next time. Boy howdy, is he in for a treat or what? He heard about it while we were gettin’ some bait up at the Bait N Tackle, and he got all excited about it. Some of the boys have caught some huge…read more →

The Best Walleye Lures

Now, if you recall, Frank didn’t know nothin’ about walleye, so he sure don’t know what ‘re the best walleye lures. You should see his fishing pack – it was real nice, not even dirty, and stuffed full of fancy trout flies and such nonsense. I swear, that boy don’t know fishin’ from a hole in the ground. So our…read more →

Where To Find Walleye

Once I learned Frank all about what Walleye are, then I had to show him where to find walleye. He don’t believe me at first, but now Frank knows them fish don’t like warm water or hot weather. Walleye like it cold and muddy, especially if other fish can’t see them. Because of those eyes of theirs, walleye can see…read more →