Walleye Fishing

The best walleye habitat - shallow lakes in the Boreal Forest Area of Canada

What is the best Walleye habitat?

Although found throughout Canada in a variety of environments, the best walleye habitat are large, shallow lakes with cloudy waters, and large rivers or streams that provide sufficient protection from harsh light. Walleye seek out shelter in shoals, logs, weed beds or snow and ice to shield them from the sun. The Best Walleye Habitat […] Read more


Casting For Walleye From Shore

Part of reeducatin’, and sometimes just plain educatin’, Frank on the fine art of walleye fishin’ includes the topic of casting for walleye from shore. He is frighteningly underprepared for this activity, but I aim to fix all that. Besides, this way I ain’t gotta pay for gas for the boat. Frank’s first mistake is […] Read more